7 Day Anti-Candida Program By Hampstead Health Practice

Phase 1


Breakfast: Homemade buckwheat pancake with quacamole spread on top

Snack: Handful of mixed seeds

Lunch: Pea and mint soup. Add in a little coconut milk to the water, peas and mint

Snack: Chickpea packet snack. From Health store on buy online. ( check for added ingredients)

Dinner: Vegetable curry with quinoa

  • Buckwheat is a seed. Quacamole although is a fruit it is fine in week 1. Quinoa is a seed.


Breakfast: Celery and hummus logs. (put hummus inside celery sticks)

Snack: Vegan cheese with amaranth crackers

Lunch: Tuna salad

Snack: Crispy lemon kale chips or any other flavour

Dinner: Butterbean and roasted Vegetable salad with Seasonal herbs


Breakfast: Chickpea pancake (recipe on Hampstead Health Practice website) with pure coconut yogurt spread on pancake. Sliced vegetables on the side.

Snack: Vegetable smoothie

Lunch: Spicy aduki beans with home made roasted herb vegetables with toasted seeds on top

Snack : Coconut flour waffles using egg replacer with homemade lemon and coconut yogurt.

Dinner: Cauliflower base pizza with roasted vegetables and qoucamole on top.

  • Coconut is allowed in week in very small doses.
  • On youtube there are many cauliflower pizza base videos.


Breakfast: Seed butter on quinoa crackers with chopped vegetables.

Snack: Amaranth crackers with qoucamole.

Lunch: Avocado salad in a coconut flour wrap. ( plenty of salad)

Snack: Chickpea snack.

Dinner: Courgette spaghetti (buy a spiralizer) with meat of your choice and spices or herbs with salad.


Breakfast: Homemade buckwheat pancake with pure coconut yogurt and sliced vegetables on the side.

Snack: Celery and guacamole logs

Lunch: Fresh homemade chunky vegetable and bean soup

Snack: Vegetable smoothie

Dinner: Garlic and Lentil burger with a lemon and herb roasted vegetables


Breakfast: Sunflower seed butter on amaranth crackers with sliced vegetables

Snack: Salted edamame

Lunch: Home made spicy bean burger with Salad

Snack: Cucumber sticks with qoucamole

Dinner: Dhal and herb quinoa with a mixed salad


Breakfast: Amaranth Crackers with vegan cheese and sliced vegetables

Snack : Kale chips

Lunch: Kidney bean and vegetable soup

Snack: Rainbow salad

Dinner: Protien of your choice with garlic vegetables and courgette spaghetti

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