Wheat Free

Wheat pitta, crumpets, muffins, tortillas, and tacos. doughnuts, cakes, cookies, biscuits, crackers, croutons, packet snacks, rusks, waffles, pancakes, crepes, pizzas, pretzels, breadsticks, communion wafers, pasta, pastry, Yorkshire pudding, suet pudding, and many other puddings.
Wheat cereals.
Some liquorice, medications, ice creams, chocolate.
Starch, modified starch, hydrolysed starch, food starch, edible starch, bran, wheat bran, wheat germ, wheat gluten, Durum wheat, spelt (tritium spelt), kamut (triticum poloncium), Couscous.powered drinks. Beer, ale, stout, larger, Pils lager.

What to eat?

You can get wheat free pastas.
There are wheat free grains, corn, quinoa, buckwheat,amaranth, rye, millet, oats ( wheat free oats), rice, wild rice, sorghum, teff, barley, chia flour, gram flour, lupin flour, potato flour.
You can get amaranth crisp bread or ryvita.

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