The Body mind awareness supports you to shift your thinking and also the way you/your body respond in challenging situations. There are various body release techniques so you can let go of restrictive tensions that build up in the body. Taking steps to get to know the inner you, using, talk therapy, body work, creativity, movement and visualisation can transform your attitude towards yourself, and ultimately your life.
In exploring your reasons for coming, we create a focus for our sessions together and honor where you are now. We build on who you are and explore ways to empower and change the habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve you. 
Our sessions may have a therapy feel using body, feelings and energy work, but this is balanced and anchored into your everday life using coaching and goal setting techniques. Sessions are very much in the here and now, working with what you wish to transform, Reflecting on the past can be useful however it is not imperative.
The use of visualisations and imagery 
These are processes that allow you to be fully conscious in a relaxed state, in order to access the areas of the brain where habits, negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs about ourselves are formed and are still running. Dismantling them and creating new ones for you becomes easier and more permanent in this relaxed state.
Be the creator of your life.
Creative, Body, Talk Therapy allows your different senses and personal preferences to support you in the changes you want to make. More than just words! Your body will support you to get intouch with and contain your feelings, releasing blocks and disempowerment. If the statements below speak to you, then there are old patterns stored in the body ready to be released, through words, movement, art, visualisation and nurturing. So get in touch!
I want more out of life.
I'm not always sure how I feel about things. 
I'm on permanent autopilot
I can't produce the results I want at work or at home.
My relationships aren't fulfilling. 
I feel unattractive, maybe since becoming a parent?
I have habits I want to change
I have lost my mojo. 
I avoid intimacy, but also crave it.
The feeling of being connected to my sensual self is a distant memory.
Sex is boring and something else on the list to tick off.
I sometimes think is this it?
I have low self esteem.
I want to integrate my mind with my emotions and celebrate my body.
I want to learn how to relate to others in an authentic way without giving my power away.
You will be booked in with our Counsellor AJ England. All sessions are done via Skype/Zoom
Mind - Counselling 
1:1 sessions are 90 minutes and can be either a single or double depending on need. 
Fee - 90 minutes £78 - Block bookings of 6 £460.

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Home therapy offered ; Nutrition, NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Massage, Personal Training, Movement Therapy and Yoga.