“I was very intrigued to find out more about Bioenergetic screening and chose to visit Angie at her practice in North London.  Firstly, I found her to be very friendly and easy going but also extremely knowledgeable  especially having a background as an expert in Nutrition.  The screening itself didn’t take that long but flagged up to me what foods I should avoid and some of them were not too surprising in the end as I had somewhat been overdosing on them..including Eggs- which I ate daily.  It also brought up (via expert analysis), what I should focus eating more of…I would recommend Angie Michael to anyone who wishes to understand a deeper level of what their body requires from them and the impact of the existing lifestyle in the wider context.  I could have happily sat there all day to learn more about this very interesting area.
Paul Curley. The Pace Management LTD
Emailed Food Sensitivity Screening 

I was feeling something was not quite right with my body, and when I saw the food sensitivity screening i decided to give it a go.  The report results were very interesting, and helpful. Some of the foods I suspected were on the list and then some completely surprised me. In any case, it will be hard to avoid a couple of food times I love, but am choosing to detox and balance my body to feel better, so will hang in there. Angie Michael was very helpful in helping me understand what it all meant and gave guidance on what to do next and how to go about it. She was very informative and was able to give a condensed version of the results in terms I could understand, so she made it easy.  She boosted the quiet little light within me that is choosing health and wholeness.  I’m very appreciative of her time, knowledge, and intuitive way.

Paula. Los Angeles. U.S.A
Emailed 650 plus Nutrient profile with added telephone consultation
I had a sensitivity hair screening done via Hampstead Health Practice in September 2019. I chose the 650 foods and non food items and Nutrient profile package plus telephone consult and received my results within 4 days of them receiving my hair samples. The member of staff I spoke to at length in that respect was incredibly knowledgeable and explained the results in a way which made it very easy for me to understand them and she helped me see what changes I needed to make to my diet and life choices. Her patience and knowledge were amazing and I thoroughly recommend Hampstead Health Practice to anyone looking for help with their nutrition and health.”
M Watson, South Wales.
Emailed food sensitivity screening with Nutrients
I found my own results fascinating and extremely helpful so i bought a postal sensitivity screening for my husband.
Anne Kennedy. Dunstable. Bedfordshire
Emailed food sensitivity screening with Nutrients
Easy to use service. Very fast and helpful with understanding the results. Would definitely recommend to use. Really pleased to be made aware of some surprising intolerances. 
Violeta, Milton Keynes
I visited Angie Michael for the second time.The Bioresonance Therapy looked into emotional issues I was struggling with.The therapy is 100% accurate to how my body and mind feels. I was provided positive affirmations to use everyday and so far I have more of a positive outlook in life!The therapy is fascinating and revealing.I would encourage anyone if they afford it to try the therapy!!     
Emailed Food intolerance and Nutrient Profile
I received my screening results and would like to say how impressed i am with the service and information you have provided.. In one word...Excellent!! The results and format will enable me to make the relevant changes necessary to improve my health and well being. The additional advice and recommendations that were discussed were very much appreciated. I will certainly recommend your services and use again if necessary in the future. 

Paul Allen Managing Director Weathermaster Ltd

Food intolerance with Nutrient Profile by post.
I didn't expect much when I bought two screenings one for myself and for my Fiance. However, right from the beginning Hampstead Health Practice has been wonderful in keeping me informed. The postman delayed our samples and Hampstead Health Practice made up for it by going an extra mile with my Fiance's results. Once we got the results the penny dropped with quite a lot of the foods we have been eating which should be avoided.  I cannot wait for us to start following the advice and hopefully we can enjoy our meals better! Thank you so much, for being so helpful and responsive.
Clinical Hypnotherapy to stop smoking 
Well, at first I was a bit sceptical when I left the clinic as I was expecting to fall asleep completely like magicians use in their shows, funny right? instead I could remember everything was said during the session and even though willing to light a cigarette I have to say, so glad I didn't.
Next day I did not feel like a smoker for the WHOLE day, even when people were asking how did the session go?And being at work around smokers all the time.
After a few days I could still feel myself as non smoker and thinking about smoking was something from the past, now it has been over one  year and have no urge to smoke. Smoking is my past. 
I feel completely free from it and very happy, it was one of those great decisions well made and worth the money.
At last I would like to add that the treatment I received from the staff at Hampstead Heath Practice was very courteous, in a very calm manner and of course very professional, now thinking of going back for support in different areas and recommending Hypnotherapy to everybody, family and friends to help them stop smoking.


Thank you so much for making me a non-smoker! After seeing you for hypnosis sessions (one session only) in Feb 2013, I am genuinely amazed to say I haven't really smoked since. I am not saying it was easy, as it wasn’t; you do need some willpower. In April 2015 my mum passed away, so I went straight to the shops to buy a packet of cigarettes and I smoked again for about two months. However, in the back of my mind, I knew by then I was a no smoker, and that it was just a temporary relapse.  Two months later I did stop again without any help, and haven’t smoked ever since! I would thoroughly recommend Angie Michael to anyone that seriously wants to quit smoking as I thought I would never be able to quit.


Thank you so much again and best regards


Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

I have been working with Angie Michael for almost 3 years, initially for  smoking addiction – she has made a huge difference in that regard.

Just as importantly, however, are the regular sessions on skype or in person over those years – every 5-6 weeks – to discuss issues and worries that I need to talk about with someone with a professional, dispassionate and yet empathetic ear. Being able to discuss the big issues that are playing on my mind and often weighing me down, helps me to put my worries in perspective and to avoid putting that weight onto the shoulders of friends and family.

In addition, Angie has a wide range of tools at her disposal including hypnotherapy (although patience is clearly a speciality) and other diagnostic tools to help me focus what those issues are, the causes of them and how I can work to resolving them, including with the help of nutritional advice.

Angie never tells me what to think or what the solutions are, but gives me the confidence to trust my own instincts as to the way forward. I am blessed to have her wisdom and her experience in my life.. Life only gets more complicated as you get older and it helps to have an objective voice to bounce ideas off and to keep life in perspective..

Lawrence  - London and New Zealand

Remedial Massage Therapy 
We have been clients with Hampstead Health Practice since May 2013. We are very happy with the services our Massage Therapist Paola offered. She has excellent skills and really go to extra miles vs. average massage Therapists we have experienced before. Both My husband and I are now getting addicted to having the Deep tissue massage once per week to thoroughly release the stress and pain we cumulated during the week through our office job, especially in the back/neck and shoulder area. The result is fantastic and we can definitely recommend HHP services for anyone else! 
Remedial Massage Therap
The Hampstead Health Practice Massage Therapist was excellent. She was prompt polite and efficient. The massage was soothing. I would highly recommend her and would use them again. massage done on Nov 13.
I visited Angie Michael for the second time.The Bioresonance Therapy looked into emotional issues I was struggling with.The therapy is 100% accurate.I was provided positive affirmations to use everyday and so far I have more of a positive outlook in life!The therapy is fascinating and revealing.I would encourage anyone if they afford it to try the therapy!!!      
What an amazing experience! Angie was a great listener and I immediately felt comfortable speaking to her about all my health issues! I found it really interesting learning what I can and can't eat. I will definitely try to not eat all the foods I am intolerant to, however, I am concerned about the no wheat!!!
Sophie London
 MASSAGE THERAPY - HOME VISIT                                           
"The massage therapist was great and very friendly. The full body home visit massage was fantastic and I felt thoroughly relaxed afterwards."
Gemma D. Mother, North London
I purely visited Angie Michael on the basis of the reviews of others!! Angie is exceptionally knowledgeable, patient and friendly.I felt at ease speaking to her about my health issues.
The Asyra Bio Energetic Health Screening is amazing cutting edge technology!It does not lie about your health conditions!!
The results of the screening has helped to change my diet.Angie recommended further supplements to purchase and treatments I needed to assist my medical issues.I was provided with a homeopathic remedy to take for two weeks (at no extra cost) I will be seeing Angie again to see if the recommendations have helped and what I need to do next! The treatment is worth every penny!
"The  massage is always spot on, somehow she just knows what I need! I always look forward to our weekly sessions."
Female, 35, Interior Designer and Mother, NW2
"I've had the massage therapist come and treat me fortnightly for several months now. The treatments have made a big difference to how I feel in my body, and using her support, to what I can accomplish."
Male, 38, Office Manager and Regular Gym-Goer, NW3
"Angie Michael is an amazing Practitioner and a  Natural Nutritionist. She is very caring and when treating a patient she has a holistic approach to dis-ease and practices the art of positive thinking. She helped me deal with my ailments and health issues, and I am now symptom free. Also as a result I sleep like a baby, and I used to rely on sleeping tablets for years. So glad I chose her, although I am a sceptic, my problems have gone away. This is a miracle for me, as I have had health problems for five years and now I feel healthier than ever at the humble age of 70. Thank you so much for making me feel better."
Rose Lesuma, in my 70's
Angie Michael - "There are not many companies who offer the BIO RESONANCE VITAMIN AND MINERAL Service with a full body scan.  This Therapy helps me understand what is going on in my body and what i might need to tweak Health wise. I felt very comfortable with Miss Michael. I already new she had a very high reputation and a distinquished client base. Running a holistic company myself it feels good to be able to escape to another company and have a personal private health treatment. The treatment i have gives me the knowledge of what Vitamins  and Minerals i am imbalances in and checks how my organs are doing including my bowels and bacteria. Miss Michael then gives me a remedy plus recommends which foods and supplements i would benefit from taking. It is not long before i feel great again. THANK YOU!"
Biba Love, 38 years, Victoria, London
Angie Michael -  I recently had a consultation with Angie Michael, it was eye opening and really useful. Nutrition is so important, Angie gave me the guidance I needed to make simple changes that make big differences. She uses cutting edge techniques and provided an in depth report for me which is so useful. I have already made a follow up appointment with Angie.
Woman, 30s, NW3
Cranio - sacral Therapist - The six sessions of Cranio - sacral therapy very much helped my chronic back pain, and they made me realise many things about posture - things i was not aware of, like imbalances and automatic movements.
Benedetta, London
First of all I'd like to apologise if I have don't use the correct wording as this is something I know very little about.
Angie was lovely and very calming. To be honest I was a bit skeptical of this treatment but I had been having stomach issues in recent weeks so was willing to try anything to see if there was a problem. The first thing Angie does is ask about your health and then selects what things she should look for when carrying out the procedure.   You're then asked to hold two metal rods for a few minute and then a Angie talks you through the results - which was the interesting bit. Having suffered from food poisoning within the last few weeks the results showed that I still had the bug in my stomach and Angie then proceeded to tell me what I can do to help get rid of it.   There were more things that came out of this session and they all related to issues that I had. It was a great experience and I would totally recommend it.
K Bizzle. London
Bioresonance is fascinating. My session with Angie provided a wealth of information about my health issues and how to improve them. 
It is amazing how bioresonance was spot on as it knew exactly what my physical and emotional issues were and i got a remedy to help me rectify them. I will be coming back for a follow up to see what has changed. Angie was delightful and professional and clearly has a thorough knowledge of her field.
D.Zema. London
I have always suffered from bloating and tiredness but have never known how to combat or stop these issues. So the the bioresonance testing seemed like the perfect solution for me. Angie was very professional and it was very clear that she knew everything in her field. Angie explained everything thoroughly and answered any questions that I had. I have to say that I was blown away by the results and I've now cut out certain foods that I have an intolerance to. I have now cut these foods out for the past 2 weeks and feel so much better already! The other great thing is that you get a health screening and nutritional testing. I cannot rate Angie or this treatment highly enough! Everybody needs to have a bioresonance test.
Jessie. London
My first time having bioresonance therapy and very pleased with both the consultation itself and the results. Angie, the therapist, was both professional and friendly. She was more than happy to listen to and answer my questions as the session progressed. Have been taking drops for going on 2 weeks now and have seen definite improvement in my condition (fatigue and joint pain). I am looking forward to returning for follow-up session to see results of my next bioresonance reading!
I would not hesitate to recommend this service and already have to a number of my friends.
Simon. Essex


Postal Food Sensitivity & Nutrient screening
I found my screening results extremely insightful & helped immensely.  I'd highly recommend this service.I would not hesitate in using these services again in the future. 
M. Sumption . Essex
I purchased a bottle of vitamin D spray and i have to say, as I often travel for work it has made a huge difference. It has helped me with rest and sleep but also given me sustained energy. I will gladly recommend people to try it out . It’s always in my handbag I really love it.
Denise - Los Angeles.

Bol d’air Vital Oxygen for Your Health

Hampstead Health Practice offers a unique and effective cellular oxygenation technology, Bol d’air. Oxygen is vital for our energy levels, well-being, and recovery. Getting optimal levels of high-quality oxygen to individual cells can be hindered by pollution, age, and underlying health issues.

Bol d’air was conceived in 1947 harnessing the power of nature to increase oxygen levels in those with health needs. It replicates the atmosphere above the Maritime Pine Forests where the oxygen is in a highly bioavailable form.

1 minute of Bol d’air session has the same health benefits as 4 hours of pine forest bathing.

Do you suffer from hay fever, migraine, stress, or general lack of energy?

Step into Hampstead Health Practice try one session and see the immediate effects. If you have more serious health issues that you would like to address, please speak to our Practitioners or staff to find out how Bol d’air can be part of your health journey.

To book a block of 4 or 6 sessions email info@hampsteadhealthpractice.com

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