Asyra Bioenergetic

Bioenergetic - Wellbeing Screening

Asyra Bioenergetic Full Wellbeing Screening- 1 hour  £149
Asyra Bioenergetic Full Wellbeing Screening  ALL FOLLOW UPS - 50 mins  £68

CHILDREN aged 6 - 12 years - Asyra Bioenergetic Full Wellbeing Screening -  £75 

CHILDREN aged 6 - 12 years - Asyra Bioenergetic Full Wellbeing Screening ALL FOLLOW UPS - £68

TEENS plus 13 years - 22 years - Asyra Bioenergetic Full Wellbeing Screening  £75 

TEENS plus 13 years - 22 years - Asyra Bioenergetic Full Wellbeing Screening - ALL FOLLOW UPS £68

Asyra Digestive Profile  £130

Asyra Food Sensitivity screening with Nutrient Profile  - Vitamin, Protein, Enzymes, Essential Fatty Acid and Mineral Screening   £138

Asyra Food senstivity screening with Nutrient profile and Digesive check. £160

Asyra Emotion and Nutrient check with support. £95

Asyra Environmental and Nutrient Check screening £95 

Quick and Easy Postal Screening

7 working day results once we have recieved your nail sample.

Choice A £130  Premium screening of over 600  items for your Food sensitivities, Non Food items, Nutrient Profile and Heavy Metals.

Choice A   £260 Couple samples can be sent in two small envelopes placed into a larger envelope, or sent seperately.

Choice B £95   Screening over 350 Food sensitivity screening and Nutrient profile

Choice C £75  Digestive screening

Choice D £95  Digesive screening and Nutrient profile

Choice E £125  Food sensitivity screening, Nutrient check and Digestive screening.

Choice E Plus  £140  Food sensitivity screening, Nutrient check and Digestive screening. With a half hour telephone consultation.

Choice F £95 Exercise Profile

                About Your Choice

Choice A - Over 600 items including fluids, gluten, casein, whey, coffee, caffeine, tea, garlic, vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs, alcohol and different types of grains for example wheat and rice. You wil also be screened for different types of cheeses, milks, oils and e-numbers. Nutrient profile - Vitamins, Minerals. fatty acids, enzymes and amino acids. Non-foods - Heavy Metals for example aluminum and titanium.

Choice B - Over 300 foods and fluids including, wheat ,gluten, whey, coffee, caffiene, tea, garlic, vegetables, fruits, spices, herbs and grains.  - Your  Nutrient Profile of Your Vitamins, Minerals. Enzymes, Fatty acids and Amino acids.

Choice C -Digestive support screening pin worms, excess candida, bowel flora, Inflammation, blood types and pH balance.

Choice D - Nutrients - Your Vitamins, Minerals. Enzymes, Fatty acids and Amino acids. Plus your digestive support screening pin worms, excess candida, bowel flora, inflammation, blood types and pH balance.

If you would like an Environmental screening send an email for this request.

Bioenergetic Health Screenings are to support you in improving your wellbeing.

Full Bioenergetic Health Screening 

  • Food Sensitivity support screening 
  • Excess Candida  support screening 
  • Digestive issue  support screening
  • Vitamin and Mineral imbalance screening 
  • Heavy Metal imbalance Screening 
  • Parasite imbalance Screening 
  • Environmental Screening
  • The Full Asyra Screening is Face to face only.
Please call with the day and time you would like your Asyra Bioenergetic Wellbeing Screening.

Food Sensitivity are usually due to Cause and Effect. Food Sensitivities are not usually the cause, but a symptom of an underlying cause.

If you have noticed that you are sensitive to one or more foods, there is usually an underlying reason as to why you have become unwell when eating these foods. 

Once the sensitive food or foods  are identified, Hampstead Health Practice recommend avoiding these particular foods for up to two months. After this time the body can become tolerant to them again and health symptoms may start to change to the better due to the changes you have been advised to follow by your Asyra Practitioner. It is important to know that Asyra bioenergetic screening does not perform a chemical analysis. 

Addressing food senstivities can change your life.

Here are just a few of the foods that are screened.

Wheat – Whole

Cows Milk

Soya Milk

Soy Bean








Q/ What is Asyra Screening?

A/ Physically the energy system unit emits a voltage software output which will test the bodies response. The Asyra Bioenergetic screen runs through a data base of items to find out in the here and now what changes you would benefit from making. The screening is comfortable to do and results are with you within ten minutes. If required you may be given a Personal Asyra Remedy. The energetic remedy will help to adjust the imbalances. 

Q/ Will i have to avoid these foods permanetly that come up on the screening?

A/ More than likely not, it all depends on how you feel when you re- introduce the food or fluid.

We recommend you contact your Health Care provider of any dietary changes.

Food Sensitivity

Food Sensitivity occurs when;

  1. Your body lacks a particular enzyme to digest nutrients.
  2. Nutrients are too abundant to be digested completely.
  3. A particular nutrient cannot be digested properly.
  4. Toxins in the food or body.

Common examples include lactose intolerance, or intolerance to excess fermentable oligo, disacchararides, monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAPs) or lactulose.

If you have any symptoms which you feel are related to food contact your G.P as soon as possiible.

Remote Food Intolerance Screening


Test requires a mail-in nail or hair sample.

Q How does the screening work?

A Once we have your sample the Asyra software that contains digitally-encoded information will be placed in contact with your hair sample to create your list of food or fluid sensivity.

Q When will i get the results sent to me?

A The results shall be emailed to you within 7 working days of us receieving your Sample.

Q What shall i do if my results say to avoid a whole food group?

A Contact Hampstead Health Practice via email and we shall give you personal advice.

Medical Disclaimer: This screening contains general information about health and is not for diagnosis. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention from your G.P.

Contact Telephone Number
If you are posting your sample, post to: Hampstead Health Practice, PO Box 71678, London, NW3 9TY

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