Movement therapy

1 to 1 or Group Therapy  with Adults or Children of 6 years and up.

Kirsty your Therapist says  "You will gain so much from just one session"

Anatomy in Motion is a movement therapy, based on the gait cycle 

How one walks and connects with the ground affects the whole body. The first contact one has with the floor is usually via the feet. By assessing and observing a person walking, it is possible to find out if anything is missing or not functioning in the movement of the whole body. How you strike the ground with your heel, then mid foot and finally fore foot will affect the movement at the rest of the joints. During the session you will learn about how the body functions in walking and begin to re balance the body through specific exercises designed for your body. 

How will Movement Therapy Help me? 

Movement based therapies have shown evidence-based benefits, including reduction in pain, stress, and debility, and improvements in range of motion, strength, balance, coordination, cardiovascular health, physical fitness, mood, and cognition. If you have muscle and skeletal problems this wonderful movement therapy will support you into wellness.


Dance Movement recognises improvement in mental health by using body movement as an implicit instrument of communication and expression. 





Movement therapies used in conjunction with conventional medicine supports a patient-centred treatment plan. This holistic approach supports rehabilitation by maximizing patient function and improving quality of life to treat the whole person.






Personal Training 1 to 1  60 minutes